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Andrew Gilmour

I'm off to Orkney at the beginning of October and I'm keen to try my hand for sea trout in the estuaries and bays prior to the end of the season. However, I'm keen not to expose my river and loch rod to salt and sand if I can avoid it.

Therefore I'm looking at purchasing a cheaper outfit that will only come out once or twice a year for salt water fly fishing.

Can anyone offer advice about the best length of rod and line rating for this kind of use? I was thinking a 10' #8, but some of the online advice suggested using a switch rod, or even going lighter and using a #6 weight line, so now I'm more confused than before.

Thanks in advance.

James Laraway

I bought a John Norris P1 and really like it. they do a #7 that would be perfect. #8 is a tad heavy....

Hamish Young

Andrew, a suggestion of budget would be useful here and there's something to be said for shopping secondhand for rods.

Something in the 9'6" to 10' in a #7 or # 8 would do the job just fine. Spend decent money on lines.
I personally wouldn't bother with a Switch rod for coastal, but I know several folk prefer them for their more 'agricultural' properties.

Reels :? I have both cheapo and not so cheapo - whatever takes your fancy will do so long as the drag is half reasonable and I would recommend as large an arbour reel as you can get.


Andrew Gilmour

Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking a Shakespeare Agility 2 10í with an Airflo 40+ line.

Not sure on whether to go floating or intermediate though.

Iím keen not to spend more than £150-200 all in as it will only be used a handful of times a year.

Derek Roxborough

done all my ST fishing there with my 5wt, but in the lochs Kirbister and Stenness,my pal fishes with a 6wt, they were on Hoy this year with some decent fishing in the sea, He said it was like fishing the Florida Flats watching the trout moving across the sands, but this was in May, which he considers to be the best time, but tight lines, I hope you get the weather , Derek Roxborough

Terry Coging

Andrew - you won't get a better rod for the money that a Shakespear Agility 2. I have used them extensively here and in France and landed many double figure fish on them.  I used the original Shaky's at first due to price, because I needed two sets of everything #5,6 and 7. I was, at first, quite amazed at how well they performed and eventually upgraded to the Agility2's for an average price of £55 ea.  The 10' #7 is OK for a wf 6 or 7. Hope you have a great time.