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Lochter Report – Muckle Troot The Place To Be
« on: August 27, 2019, 14:56:45 PM »
Down Lochter way last week there was a steady procession of dedicated anglers making their way down to the Muckle Troot loch to take advantage of the deeper, cooler and clearer waters. This was especially necessary over the weekend when the ‘heat wave’ meant that even the best dressed and presented fly could entice little encouragement from the sleepy trout after their nightshift of gorging in the cooler conditions.

In the furtherance of Lochter’s desire to not want despondency to creep in amongst our usually jovial regulars we mixed up the stocking of the Muckle Troot by adding a fair proportion of blues to the mix and this week they will be joined by a good number of Lochter’s home grown leviathans from the Tail of the Troot. So all in all some rod bending action will be more or less guaranteed for the weeks ahead even if the hot weather continues.

On the fishing front both Frank Kelly and John Smith reported back that they had their best day every at Lochter. Frank had 19 fish on buzzers or WSWs and John had 16 fish on that old favourite, the Ace of Spades. Neil Garden had two ouings where he had 13 and 10 fish respectively on either buzzers or CDC’s and his fishing buddy Fred McAlley had ten fish to the net on CDC’s.

Simon Ruddiman from Aberdeen found that orange lures were getting a good response and he ended his day with nine fish, as did Steve Prince who also used the bunny leech as well as buzzers.

Paul Ingram did an evening session when CDC’s were working well and he had eight fish including a fine specimen that weighed 10 ½ in the net. Peter Wilson also did well with seven fish on the bunny leech and other lures.

Although the sunshine is nice, there will be many a fisher hoping for more cloud and cooler conditions to liven the fish up a little.

Tight Lines
 SP 27/08/19


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