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Loch Insch - David

Loch Insch report
« on: August 24, 2019, 09:43:39 AM »
Another banging week at Loch Insch, although things slowed up slightly on the big fish front. Only had 2 @18lb, a 15, 13.7, 13, five 8ís and four 6ís this week, although Iíve stocked another 8 big doubles yesterday amongst a stocking from Westmill of 250 rainbows and blues.

 The water is still weed and algae free, and fish are feeding hard on buzzer, sedge, damsels, fry and corixae...... floating lines, midge tip or intermediate if itís really bright, with Diawl bach, cormorant, pheasant tail, buzzers, damsels, green wells spider, Kate mclaren, tequila Fab, CDC shuttlecock taking the vast majority of fish.

 Should be an exciting week ahead.


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