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Howard & Stuart

Down Lochter way last week we were fortunate enough to be inundated with holiday makers from all over the country keenly intent on having some splendid fishing fun. At times it was like a United Nations of Fly Fishing and there was lots of chat in the bothy about the rivers and lakes they fished and types of flies and methods they used. All very convivial and in the spirit of the fly-fishing sport we love.

Ken Spright from Yorkshire fished the Muckle Troot loch using hairy looking sedges and he tempted 12 fish to the net, one being an 8lb specimen he was very relieved to eventually land.

Bill Locke from Humberside used his own tied version of a blue damsel and for his 4-hour session he had 8 fish to show for his efforts.

Paul Wilkinson from Reading came out for an evening session using yellow klinkhammers and he had 8 fish, one of them being a 6lb brownie, which was returned to fight another day.

Nearer to home, local fisherman David Batty in atrocious wind and rain conditions put his back to these elements and fished spiders across the waves which resulted in 15 fish being brought to the net before he returned to the bothy soaked and bedraggled but ultimately satisfied.

Craig Angus fished a day session using either black buzzers or a black cats whiskers and he was well chuffed with his return of 10 fish especially as he had 3 fish around the 5lb mark and one of 7lb amongst them.

Looking through the returns book Jim Will had 9 fish on a white fritz, Albert Trail had 8 on a WSW, Neil Garden had 8 on buzzers, K. Wilson had 8 on a variety of lures and Jim Gilmour had 5 on the bunny leech.

All in all a busy week of content fishers in the lovely surroundings of Lochter what more could you want!

Tight lines,

S.P 13/8/19.