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Lochter Report – Rich Harvest at Lochter
« on: August 06, 2019, 13:30:42 PM »
All around Lochter fishery at Oldmeldrum the Combine harvesters have woken from their slumbers to majestically sweep up the winter barley which released a myriad of black harvest mites which then fell onto our 3 lochs to be scooped up in greedy mouthfuls by the grateful trout.

However, then can be a “mite” frustrating to say the least as anglers try to imitate this phenomena with little success and many anglers then resolved to try a different approach.

Peter Young was a case in point as he alternated between a team of diawl bachs to fishing the blob and he had 15 fish for a satisfying day out.

Local angler Jim Adie, with his two faithful dogs keeping him company fished small mymphs and was rewarded with 14 fish.

Graeme Duthie on a bright sunny day finished deeper in the water with a blob and the fish responded which got him 12 fish for his day.

Lloyd Rattray fished traditionally with a team of wets which secured him 11 fish.

Steve Argo from Aberdeen fished a semtex lure a few feet down and it seemed to do the trick as he had 10 fish to the net.

Davy Reynolds from Turriff stuck to diawl bachs and crunchers for 9 fish,Jim Fraser from Stonehaven used a bibio and Kate McLaren combination for 8 fish and Alan Hume from Aberdeen tried black crunches which got him 8 fish.

A bit more cooler weather is forecast for the week ahead so we can only hope it will stir the fish into action.

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SP 6/8/19


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