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Lochter Report - Daddy's Tempt Big Lochter Trout
« on: July 16, 2019, 12:29:00 PM »
There was some great top of the water sport to be had down Lochter way last week with the added bonus being that many of the trout caught were in the 5lb to 8lb category as well as a few specimens into double figures being caught and returned.

When overhead conditions were right the most effective fly was found to be the Daddy, allowed to float along the ripple with some explosive takes and runs to set the heart racing.

Steve Prince from Oldmeldrum was a fine exponent of the technique and he also found hoppers and the Kate McLaren fly to work as well. He was rewarded with 19 fish, one over 10lbs and several around the 6lbs mark.

Davy Yule from Turriff also stayed in the Top Zone but he used size 16 black klinkhammers when the ‘rise’ came and brought 11 fish to the net. Jim Weir used sparsely dressed spiders when overhead conditions were cloudy and he was very happy with his 9 fish return.

Local angler Bryan Ross had a great evening session using a variety of dry’s and sedges to tempt 9 fish.

Fishing buddies Albert Trail and Bill Wood also came out for a late afternoon/evening session and they used buzzers and fabs and were both in double figures, with Albert slightly edging it with fish caught.

Peter Young solely fished the Muckle Troot and his dogged determination paid off as he had 15 to the net.

Graham Duthie concentrated on using a team of buzzers during his session and he had 10 fish as a result.

A special mention to Philip Wilson on holiday from Edinburgh who on his first fly fishing outing managed to hook and land a lovely 8lbs blue. It looked at times touch and go if he could hold on to it as it went off on many surging runs as well as taking to the air so he was well chuffed when it was safely in the net. 

Mixed weather is what’s being reported for the week ahead so it could be ‘all change’ as far as effective fly’s and methods are concerned.

Pop down and try to fathom it out!

Tight lines.

S.P 16/7/19.


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