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Orvis Mission Spey rod - a short review
« on: July 10, 2019, 20:28:22 PM »
So... I have had in my possession for the past month or two an Orvis Mission 13'6" #8wt.
Tomorrow it's getting sent back as it's needed elsewhere for Endorsed Guide input/feedback.
Like all the other top of the range rods, the new Mission range of rods are built in Vermont - so build quality is high.

I like the finish on the Mission, it's a good looking rod and to my eyes at least a cosmetic improvement on other rods from the same brand - I don't like too much bling on the rod.... that's what reels are for  :z4 :z7
On the rod rack with other syndicate fishers on the same beat as me on the Ness it didn't look out of place alongside factory rods from Mackenzie, Loop, Sage or Hardy.  A quality product, a view expressed by all who took it for a cast.
Balanced with a suitable reel  the rod feels superb in the hand, but you want a weighty reel (or I do) to match the rod, the latest Mirage vi was a tad light for my liking.
Although I did try the new matching Mission Skagit line - more on that another time - I fished the rod with a Rio Scandi Versitip. A super comination.
I find the rod is middle to tip but it has balls... a real depth of power in the blank and it will cast pretty much anything a very, very long way indeed.
It is user friendly though, easy to pick up and be comfortable with straight away - I like that in a rod.

Unquestionably the Mission as 'tested' is the best 'Spey' rod to come out of the Orvis stable ever and it is up there with most of the high end competition. I say high end as I believe this rod will have a UK retail price in the region of £800.
That's a lot.... but judge for yourself, the Mission range will be coming to an Orvis store near you this season  :cool:

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