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Lochter Report Holiday happiness at Lochter
« on: July 09, 2019, 17:01:02 PM »
With the start of the school holidays we have been inundated with a whole battalion of youngsters accompanied by parents, or a lot of the time, grandparents, ready to do battle on our bait ponds to catch what for them seems an elusive trout.

Around the bait pond there can sometimes be some frenetic activity with running about with a landing net very popular, squealing when you hand them a worm and general unrestrained jumping about with glee when a fish gets landed.

Its all great fun to see and we can only hope that if the sport is to thrive that in later life these youngsters can be gently diverted to the graceful art of fly fishing so they can know the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that the sport can bring and in essence it affords an oasis of quiet reflection and normality in the strangely evolving world of today.

Down Lochter way last week the focus was very much on the action that was taking place on top of the water with the fish moving and feeding greedily throughout the day.

Ronnie Ewen was a fine exponent of a small nymph being cast to rising trout and he had over 20 fish to the net by this method.

Neil Garden during an evening session used spiders, CDCs and a fab and he was rewarded with 17 fish and his fishing partner Fred McAlley had 12 fish also on spiders, CDCs and this time also on a smoker.

The Blobby boys Dougie and Billy from Aberdeen were both in double figures using buzzers then the new fangled mop fly.  Steve Prince on his two outings used a foam daddy stripped across the water over a nice ripple and this secured him 9 and 12 fish respectively.

Simon Ruddiman stuck to small black klinkhammers when a rise came on and he had great fun picking up 12 fish by this method.

It was a very busy week with many anglers taking advantage of the slightly better weather and Bill Shearer had 16 fish on hawthorns and yellow klinkhammers, Ron Wilson from Angus had 13 fish on a grey wulff then a black gnat, Graham Johnston had 10 on klinkhammers and buzzers and it was nice to see Lochter Stalwart Howard Hughes manage to come out for a short evening session and he accounted for 6 fish on a fab and diawl back combination.

Other good news for the holiday angler is that on top of our normal weekly stocking we have been doing maintenance to some of our stock ponds which necessitated us netting them and using this considerable number of 4 - 8lb fish to re-stock our 3 fly fishing lochs so all the more reason to pop down for a bit of piscatorial holiday pleasure.

Tight lines from Lochter
SP 9/7/19


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