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Impending troubles for the Awe Fishery System
« on: June 21, 2019, 22:30:01 PM »
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Oban and Lorn Angling Club

Dawnfresh have had a sea pen breach on Loch Etive releasing a large number (4 figures) of rainbow trout being grown for processing as smoked or filleted "salmon trout". The average weight of the escaped fish is over 1kg but the intended harvest weight would have been 3kg plus. At present the bulk of the fish have entered the Awe system and are being caught from all beats from the sea pool to the barrage. The fish are also being caught from Loch Awe as they have ascended the fish pass. This escape has the potential to cause economic and environmental damage to the Awe fisheries and it hoped that as many of these fish can be caught and removed as possible, and soon.


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