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Lochter Report – A week for ‘Big Fish Cheer’ New
« on: June 18, 2019, 13:59:32 PM »
Down Lochter way, after last weeks depressing wind and rain it was concluded that a bit of cheer and optimism was the tonic needed to stir the veins of the needy angler.

Luckily this has coincided with our Summer re-stocking of all 3 lochs with our own locally reared well conditioned rainbow trout.  These fish are between 4 – 12lb and we have also put some strapping 18lb leviathans into all 3 lochs.

We have proudly reared these trout over 2 years in our commodious ‘Tail of the Troot’ stock pond so they are the ‘real deal’ local trout for local fishermen to catch and it is even rumored that they have been here so long that they even understand ‘Doric’!

Anyway it is eagerly anticipated that there will be some enjoyable rod bending action for the weeks ahead so why not come down to Lochter to test your sporting mettle.

Last week wasn’t such a write off due to the weather but you’d to choose your window of opportunity between the showers.

Paul Sharp had a session where he concentrated on dry flies and he was rewarded with 20 fish from the top of the water.

Peter Young took the opposite route and fished deeper using blobs on his two outings where he successfully landed 17 and 20 fish respectively.

Brian Ross was the model of consistency on his two outings during the evening when with dries or buzzers secured him 15 fish both times.

Looking through the return book, Albert Trail used an orange buzzer for 12 fish, Paul Ingram netted 11 fish on diawl bachs including a hard fighting 12lb at the muckle trout which lead him a merry dance and tested his backing knot.

Iain Lindsey had 10 fish for his day solely on buzzers and 9 seemed to be the number for Steve Prince, Bill Wood and G Johnston who respectfully used diawl bachs or buzzers as their fly of choice.

The longest day is almost upon us so we are currently open from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week for your piscatorial pleasure. Come past and give it a go.

Tight Lines
SP 18/6/19
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