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Lochter Report – A wide variety of success
« on: 11/06/2019 at 15:21 »
Down Lochter way last week it was very much the case that a wide variety of flies proved successful and that at any time a change of tactics was sometimes needed to meet the vagaries of the great Scottish summer.

It is often the case at this time of year when there is a big choice of natural food available that the fish get a bit picky, to the frustration of many an angler.  This being said there were many who adhered to the well know 3R’s doctrine of piscatorial planning namely being in the right place, at the right time with the right fly.

Two instances of this during the week were Matthew Will and Nathan Hutchison who both got well over 20 fish during their session.  Matthew Will used the classic buzzer or dry combination and Nathan selected the silver humungus which worked consistently well all evening for him.

For exceeding every other method was the legendary ‘various fly’ as recorded in the return book.  As eager fishermen enter the bothy looking for any scant wisdom on ‘what’s catching’ you can see the dismay on their faces when a good recorded return of fish has the fly used as “various”. Well that’s life!

Many were successful on the “various” with flies only known to themselves which included B Cumming with 19 fish, L McKay with 14 including a lovely 7lb specimen, M Pirie with 11 fish and Graham Duthie with 9 fish.

Mike McLennan used a black hopper on the surface to account for 19 fish, Paul Ingram and Jim Thomson both had 18 fish, Paul using a klinkhammer and diawlbach set up an Jim on a smoker and buzzer combination.

Paul Keir used some sparcely dressed traditional wets to good effect which gave him a return of 16 for the day. 

E Dickie cast a delicate black spider to account for 12 fish, Fred McAlley used the Fab and Smoker during his evening session to land 10 fish and Simon Ruddiman from Aberdeen used a klinkhammer then Shammy Fly to got his 8 fish.

Once again, most of the best returns were during evening sessions and we are now open every evening until 10pm to facilitate your chance of some great sport.  After 6pm we are also doing a £10 catch and release evening ticket to further entice you to give one of these evening sessions a try and hopefully experience for yourself one of our prolific ‘evening rises’.

Cool, wet and cloudy for the week ahead – what more could a fisherman want!

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