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Delgatie Trout Fishery
« on: January 12, 2008, 21:03:55 PM »
Hi all

Even with poor conditions this week we have had some good catches.
We have had 29 Anglers and 190 fish been caught.
J.Rennie fishing with damsel returnd 25 fish one of 7.lbs
J.Rennie also caught a tagged fish and won himself a bottle of whisky.
J.Paterson fishing with green/black fritz caught 8 fish and returned 2 fish one of 5lb 6oz.
J.kerr fishing with flubber caught 4 fish and returned 19 fish one of 5.lbs.
J.Kerr put on a demonstration on his smoker on Saturday.
Smoking the fish that he had caught.Everybody thoroughly enjoyed tasty mouthfulls.
I.Sutherland fishing damsel returned 19 fish one of 7.lbs
L.Wood fishing damsel returned 13 fish one of 5lb 5oz.
Below are few photos of the week
Happy fishing


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