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Lochter Report - Cool For Cat's At Lochter New
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:25:23 AM »
Down Lochter way last week it was very much the case that a brisk and cold easterly wind, which prevailed throughout and reduced the surface activity would lead one to believe that difficult fishing days lay ahead.

However this was quickly dispelled when Steve Wilson from Newmachar, our first customer of the week, got quickly to work using his own tied ‘cool cats’ lure on a intermediate line and was mightily happy to land 13 fish for his day session and it worked on all 3 lochs.

This ‘cool cat’ lure was a variation of the normal cats whisker but it had a red bead and its tail was cut slightly shorter than normal.

The week continued in this vain and like our patrolling swans gliding through the water with grace and beauty – everything was going on under the water.

In these conditions there is no better fly to try than a skilfully fished team of buzzers and many men were up to the task.

Albert Trail had 2 outings during the week and his buzzers paid dividends as he landed 11 then 10 fish with them as well as a mop fly.

Colin Macdonald from Aberdeen also had 2 outings and he was a paragon of consistency with 15 fish for both sessions and he also landed a lovely 10lb specimen, all on buzzers and cormorants.

Bill Bain and Walter Senior on their day out from the ‘big toon’ also fished buzzers and were rewarded for their efforts with 10 and 8 fish respectively.
Looking through the return book other notable mentions were James Brown who was in double figures using a dawson’s olive and it included a fine specimen of 8lb. Paul Keir had 11 on an olive fritz, Graeme Low 8 on mini cats and Charlie Currie 8 on lures and cormorants.

The weather forecast for the week ahead sees a fair increase in temperature so it should herald a resultant rise in surface activity when a dusted off dry fly may be the order of the day.

Tight lines,

S.P 16/4/19.
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