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Strathmore AIA
« on: April 11, 2019, 21:09:42 PM »
Well I finally got a day off this year and popped down to Angus Angling to get my season ticket for the Strahmore Angling Improvement Association (
For those that have never heard of this, and that included me until the end of last year, it is the open to all, trout and grayling fishing on the Isla and the Dean near Forfar, just past Glamis Castle. The princely sum of 25 is all the season ticket costs!.
I had a wee nosey today after a really welcome long lie. I started on the Dean but it was running a bit milky. It did have  some interesting pools but nothing rising.
I then drove down to Meigle and went downstream from the bridge. I did move one trout but he didn't come back for a second visit.
The water was a lot clearer BUT there was no hatch and only a few sedges scuttling about in perfect safety. The banks are rough and a lot of trees get in the way so don't expect chalkstream. I loved it! I will probably go back tomorrow to search more of the water. It is not expensive and good size fish come off every year. Sorry, no photos this time. I was so over-awed by the wildlife and the fascinating fallen trees and debris that I forgot I had my camera with me  :oops
Check out the website.

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