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Kinross off with a blast for spring 2019
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:41:46 AM »
What great weekend to start March at Kinross with 69 anglers for 179 fish

 Fair play to those anglers who managed to find the depth, flies, retrieve, etc and hammered it. Not easy by any means for all but some lads got it right at the right time and had a great time.

 Top rods were
Jim Moncur 26 fish
 Steven Ramsay 25 fish
 Neil Kelly 17
 Lots of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s but still a couple of blanks.

 Top weights
 Bernard O’Donnell - 12lb 1oz
 Rob Buie -12lb 0.16oz
 Robert Pollock - 10lb 12oz
 Brian Cairns- 10lb 12oz
 Steven Ramsay- 10lb 12oz and 9lb
 Dave Hanlin -10lb 10oz and 9lb 8oz
Paul Sharp 10lb 4oz
 Dale Cassidy- 9lb 9oz
 Chris Collins - 9lb 9oz
 Callum Cochrane - 9lb 8oz and 9lb
 Stephan Lee - 9lb
 Ben Bosch - 8lb 5oz

 Flies were
Yellow Owl CDC, pure white Shipmans, Suspended black buzzer and red cheeks,  Ally McCoist, Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, Fabs and Buzzers.

Our Float Tube League has also been announced on the Facebook page and on the BFTA forums starting in May.

Paul Young has now been confirmed to be at the Prostate Scotland £1000 first prize competition on May 4th where we will raise as much as we can for this worthwhile cause that effects 1 in 9 men in the UK.

 Tight Lines

Mike Barrio

Re: Kinross off with a blast for spring 2019
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2019, 13:36:09 PM »
Welcome to the forum Garry :z16

I hope you enjoy a great season with the fishery.

Best wishes
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