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Lochter Report - Is it a breeze at Lochter
« on: 21/03/2019 at 09:37 »

Breezy and blustery conditions would be an understated reflection on the weather that our intrepid regulars faced at Lochter last week.

One man who is made of the ‘right stuff’ and who preserved in the horrible conditions that faced the competitors in the Troutmaster Fish Off on Sunday was Neil Scowen from Keith. His persistence paid off and as the last man standing he came out on top and will proudly represent Lochter at the Troutmaster Fish Off at Draycote Fishery on the 7th October.

So Congratulations Neil and we hope you enjoy the experience of fishing in this national final, we hope you do well!

On the fishing front, despite the weather, there was still an eager band of enthusiasts who had some really thrilling sport for their day.

Fred McAlley from Aberdeen found the right depth and method as he had 18 lovely plump rainbows to the net on a black pearly and copper damsel.

Steve Prince enjoyed two outings during the week and he had 17 and 12 fish respectively on a mixture of buzzers, diawl bachs and crunchers.

Peter Young assiduously fished the Muckle Troot loch for his session and his patience was rewarded with 15 fish on buzzers and then lures.

Graham Duthie had what he called a ‘big fish day’ when during his 6 hour session he had 14 fish to the net, one being 10lb and two others of 7lb all caught on either the WSW lure or the mini cormorant lure.

It was lucky 13 for both Albert Trail and Dave Mackay with Albert getting his Bakers dozen on mops and diawl bachs and Dave on buzzers and cat’s whiskers.

Looking through the returns book other notable efforts were Neil Garden with 11 fish on cormorants and mops, Phil Elrick with 10 on diawl bachs and the green pea blob, Bill Wood with 9 on the mop and blob, Bill Wood with 9 on the mop and blob and Jason Stewart with 9 on the damsel lure.

We are still taking entries for the Spring Doubles Competition on Sunday 7th April, so if you fancy some early season competitive action then call the Fishery bothy on 01651 872787 to book your place. There are good prizes to be had and it is a great fun event.

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