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Lochter Report - Weather to Fish or Not
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:29:56 AM »
Down Lochter may last week it could be seen that it was very much the case that the anglers were keeping a close eye on the weather forecast and if Carol said it was to be a fine day then a battalion of eager anglers could be predicted to arrive. It was a sign of the times that many anglers were bemoaning about the normal March weather and were yearning for the balmy 18 degrees days of February when short sleeves was the order of the day.

On the fishing front; looking through the Return Book, it could be seen that there was more consistently good fishing to be had.

Peter Young fished the Muckle Troot Loch for a day session; sticking to lures, and he was rewarded with 19 fish mainly on the yellow dancer and WSW.

Bill Bain used all his experience to bring 14 fish to the net on various coloured WSW’s, Albert Trail fished the mop fly consistently well to bring 14 fish to the bank, one being about 7lbs and Colin McDonald also had 14 fish, two of them being mighty specimens of 13lbs and 11lbs all taken on diawl bachs and cormorants and returned to fight another day.

The dynamic duo of Fred McAlley and Phil Elrick had two sessions during the week where they both accounted for 19 fish each on the two days using an assortment of mops, green pea lure and cats whiskers.

Bill Wood had 9 fish for his session on a mixture of mops, apps bloodworms and cormorants, G. Riley had 10 fish on cat’s whiskers and Steve Prince had 8 fish using bunny leeches and buzzers.

A reminder for those who have qualified that the Troutmaster Fish Off takes place this Sunday 17th March with a 9.30am start.

Names are coming flooding in already for our Spring Pairs Competition where there is £500 of prize money to be shared out between the top 5 fishers. The competition is being held on Sunday 7th April. Entry fee is £20 per person and lunch will be included. There will be a cap on the number of entrants so to avoid disappointment contact the bothy on 01651 872787 and put your name down.

Tight lines.

S.P 12/3/19. 


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