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Lochter Report - Frustration and Fun at Lochter
« on: February 26, 2019, 11:50:24 AM »

Down Lochter way last week it was very much a case of transition in many ways, with the low night temperature rapidly giving way to positively balmy mid day temperatures for February.

It was very much the case of being at the right depth at the right time or indeed react to what you saw as there were times that fish were breaking the surface, devouring greedily before descending below and not showing their presence again. As the week progressed it could be seen that most success was being had in the morning then late afternoon when the action could suddenly become frenetic. So all in all some would call it frustrating while others saw it as a challenge and there were plenty eager anglers to test out their tactics and flies to the full.

Lloyd Rattrey for his session had 15 fish to the net using a variety of dry flies in conjunction with small buzzers and his best fish was a lovely 5lb one.

James Thomson from Aberdeen went down the buzzer and okay dokay route and he was ‘well chuffed’ as he wrote in the returns book as one of the fish was a nice 8lb plump specimen.

Graham Duthie fished between buzzers and lures and he got 14 fish for his day with a good quantity of the total being caught in the last ½ hour of the day.

B Whyte fished the WSW lure solidly for the day obviously finding the right depth as he had 15 fish.

Colin MacDonald from Aberdeen had two outings during the week and he had 13 and 9 fish respectively caught on lure cormorants or buzzers with one being 7lb 14oz.

Other returns were Mike Sutherland with 10 fish on the PTN, K Wilson with 10 on orange lures, Paul Ingram with 9 on mini cats and semtex lures and Paul  Findlay with 8 on dry flies then while mop flies. So all in all a fair mixture and range of flies being used.

An early reminder for your diary is that the Spring Pairs Competition will be held on Sunday 7th April. This is a very popular event and this year there will be £500 of prize money to be spread out amongst the top 5 finishing pairs.

In March we will be open from 8am – 5pm as normal.

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