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Sandy Nelson

Epic fast glass 11, 7ft6" 4wt Custom build
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:12:27 AM »
HI Guys

As part of my winter building i made up an Epic 476 in Salsa , using the brand new style Fast Glass 11 blanks.
I used a beautiful Bright nickel silver down sliding Aspen reel seat, Extremly high quality cork, Bright nickel Snakebrand guides and a Lovely Dark Amber banded agate.
It was built in a minimalist style with ghost wraps and some cinnamon detailing at measuring marks and ferrules. Just the way i like them.

My intention was to use it as my demo rod for the year, but it looks too good not to be offered for sale first.

So if anyone would like a ready built, stunning, Epic 476 to use this season, and Salsa rods do catch more fish :wink then drop me a PM and we can discuss. I'll be looking for 425 including Next day delivery and the rod will come with the Epic Glassfbre Katana style rod tube and a home made rod bag, just as all my custom builds do. It is brand new and unused. Serial number 1910.

Thanks for Looking :z18

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