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Lochter Repot - There's Been a Meltdown at Lochter
« on: February 12, 2019, 13:47:24 PM »
Down Lochter way there has been a sense of relief that the hard frosty nights which froze over our ponds has been replaced by mild weather, which along with the winds of the weekend, have freed most of our ponds from their frozen idleness.

This will be great news for those ardent fishers, icebound at home with a ‘cabin fever’ state of mind, temporarily unable to pursue the dual need for both piscatorial pleasures and peace and quiet.

In the anticipation of such an onslaught of determined fishers we re-stocked the ponds with the top quality fish so that some well-needed rod bending action can be had for when they expose themselves to the elements.

For those who came out there was certainly good sport to be had.

Colin Macdonald from Aberdeen had a very productive session bringing 18 fish to the net, one being a lovely 9lb 13oz beauty, which was returned to fight another day, and he had his success on a team of buzzers. Matthew Will followed closely behind with 17 fish, skilfully fishing with bloodworm.

K. Wilson had 10 fish for his day and Matthew Riley had 9 although the flies they used remains a secret as it was not disclosed in the returns book.

Peter Young fished in the Muckle Troot Loch for a full day session fishing blobs and a floating line with black or red blobs being the most productive.
J. Masson, fishing at Lochter for the first time, had 8 fish on one of his own ‘home tied’ flies. Other returns were Graham Whyte with 7 fish on bloodworm and nymphs, Simon Ruddiman with 5 on a pink bloodworm and A. Bland with 5 on a black nymph.

There is a saying that “in February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret”. It goes on to conclude that “while it is February, one can taste the full joy of anticipation, Spring stands at the gate with her fingers on the latch”.

We can only hope that Spring does not have an icy claw still waiting for us.

SP 12/2/19.


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