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Lochter Report - Burns Pairs Postponed
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:14:34 AM »
“Twas then a blast o’ Janwar win’ blew hansel in on robin…” So wrote Robert Burns speaking about the wind that blew the roof off his home when he was a child and could have ended his life.

This time the “Janwar win’” put paid to the Rabbie Burns Pairs Competition on Sunday at Lochter Fishery disappointing but as the bard also wrote;

“Tho’ stars in skies may disappear
And angry tempests gather
The happy hour many soon be near
That brings us pleasant weather,”

And on that optimistic note the competition will be rescheduled for Sunday 10th of February when the weather will be altogether more pleasant.

In spite of the weather being baltic, the competition being postponed and the large areas frozen, some hardy souls did turn up and did very well. It is interesting that while we humans shiver and layer up against the cold, the rainbow trout love it and are active.

Neil Scowen discovered that attracting twenty-three with his bloodworms, the same number as Paul Sharp while Andrew Barrowman caught and released twenty-five on squirmy worms and buzzers.

Earlier in the week when things were almost as cold, Jim Brown had fourteen on a cat bug, M. Keilly fifteen using mop flies and egg flies and J. Gilmore nine using mops.

The forecast is for more wintry weather but if anglers wrap up well there is plenty of sport to be had from the trout that fight really hard in the cold water.

H.H. 28/1/19.


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