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Lochter Report - Have a Plan 'B'
« on: January 21, 2019, 15:13:28 PM »

Much has been written recently about ‘a plan B’ or lack of one. For anglers having a plan ‘B’ is standard procedure to be used when plan ‘A’, that well formulated and thought out scheme taking into consideration, wind and weather, seasonal fluctuations etc etc, is a complete failure.

Not as much as a half hearted pluck on the end of the line to signify even mild piscatorial interest, then it is time for plan ‘B’.

This often involved bringing out the heavy artillery in the form of muckle great forms of fluff cast out on fast sinking lines and ‘wheeched’ back in fairly rapid order.

The two-rod brigade are masters of this, switching to the back-up set up and often with great success.

Anglers at Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum have been having a fair measure of success during the past week using a variety of cunning plans.

Fred McAlley had a dozen using a green pea lure and a damsel while Steve Morgan and G. Reid had eight a piece using cormorants, buzzers and okay dokeys. Albert Trail scored well with fifteen on a cats whisker, Neil Garden fourteen on buzzers then nineteen on small nymphs. Bill Wood used some of the heavy artillery of snakes and blobs to account for twelve while Paul Sharp kept quiet about his tactics which resulted in sixteen coming to the net. He was probably preparing for the Rabbie Burns Pairs competition scheduled for Sunday 27th at 9.30am. Late entries are still being received by the fishery on 01651 872787 or 872000. Plan ‘A’ or Plan ‘B’ that is the question…

HH 21/1/19


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