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Lochter Report - Solve The Dilemma of Christmas
« on: December 17, 2018, 11:28:40 AM »
For anglers, among the many things that Christmas brings is a lot of head scratching. What to get for the good lady, for daughters, etc, etc. Hours plodding round shops isnít much of a prospect and online is better, provided you know what to look for. There in lies the dilemma. A bit of a crafty questioning may provide some guidance but not often. The easy way out is ďIíll just give you the money,Ē but an envelope is not the same as a well-wrapped parcel (big) on Christmas morning. So good luck with that lads.

When it comes to role reversal the choice is easy. There are loads of fishing tackle suppliers who supply vouchers which can be used to source a new line, more deadly flies, a fine lightweight waterproof jacket, etc, etc.

There are also plenty of fisheries doing vouchers, which effectively means free fishing for anglers, thanks to Santa.

At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum there have been quite a number of anglers out avoiding the shops and a fine time they have been having. Bill Gibb again set the bar high at the start of the week with no fewer than twenty-six on a black and red fly of his own tying, his best being a specimen of 11.3lbs! The same day Brian Ross had nine off the top on dry flies and this success was followed up by Albert Trail with a dozen on various mini-lures, Dave Mackay chipped in with nine on damsels and Fred McAlley eight on a cats whisker.

The week finished with a flourish as the temperature dropped and the trout began to feed hard.

Kevin Hutcheon tempted fourteen with his blood worm and John Brown bettered that with sixteen using a wooley worm.

Lochter Fishery will be open except for the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st and 2nd of January so plenty of festive fun and fishing to be had and a happy and healthy Christmas to all anglers.

H.H 17/12/18.


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