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« on: January 05, 2008, 21:23:52 PM »
Hi all
Its been a cold and wet week with some winter snow.
Fishing has being quite good.
We have had 47 anglers with 136 fish been caught this week.
L.Baxter fishing with white fritz returned 30 fish one well into double figures.
P.Watt fishing with buzzer returned 19 fish one at 7.lbs.
A.Watt fishing with buzzer and cats whiskers returned 15 fish one at 10.lbs.
L.Stewart fishing with bunny leach returned 11 fish 2 of 6.lbs.
A.Clark fishing with wsw caught 2 fish of 8oz and 5.lbs.
J.Findlay fishing orange fritz caught 1 fish of 6lb 5oz.
J.Paterson fishing daddly long legs caught 2 fish of 5lb 5oz and 5lb 12oz.
J.Kerr fishing with flubber returned 8 fish and kept 2 fish of 5lb 10oz and 4lb 14oz.
Young K.Mckay fishing with apps bloodworm returned 1 fish of 5lb.
We also have several fish that are tagged.
Below are few pictures of the last week.
Happy fishing.

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