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Lochter Report - Winter Pairs At Lochter
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:45:12 PM »
On Sunday 18th November Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum hosts the popular Winter Pairs Competition. Cast off is at 9.30am and lunch will be provided for all participating anglers.

Competition angling is a short cut to improving angling performance, bringing together as it does a wide range of angling skills, less experienced fishers can learn from the “auld heids” who are quite happy to share their knowledge – once the contest is concluded. Entries are still being accepted on 01651 872787.

Talking of “auld heids” it was good to see Walter Senior and Davy Wood out at the weekend. Walter is of course the inventor of the famous W.S.W fly. The pair had fourteen between them including two at 6lbs and one monster tipping the scales at 11lbs, proof that the fly is a successful attractor of big fish! Also getting in on the action on Sunday was Neil Smith who returned nineteen using that ever-effective fly, the “various”.

Earlier in the week, Marek had ten on a yellow dancer. On the same day, Neil Garden had nine, Jim Fraser, ten, Dave Mackay, nine and Fred McAlley eight, with black pearl flies doing most of the damage.

Through the week a variety of flies were successful. Buzzers attracted ten for Ian Armstrong, blobs caught nine for Bill Wood and W.S.W’s another nine for Peter Wilson.

The best advice for anglers is to check in the catch record what flies are working and use those, switching until you find what is best. There are plenty of hungry fish to be caught but just like humans they can be fussy eaters at times.

H.H 12/11/18


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