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Lochter Report - Angling For All Ages New
« on: October 29, 2018, 11:36:57 AM »
Mechanisation has taken over with the result that there are very few opportunities nowadays for “tattie howkers”. The Tattie Holidays in schools are Tattie Holidays in name only.

However at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum it has been great to welcome plenty of youngsters to the fresh air of the countryside all trying to catch a nice trout or two for tea.

Worms and sweetcorn have been the favoured baits in the “any method” loch but some of the more accomplished young anglers have moved on to fly fishing with considerable success. Long may it continue as they represent the future of the sport.

This sentiment would be echoed by eighty eight year old Mary Barnett, out with her son John and daughter Mary Jnr for a wee birthday treat. In rapid order Mary Snr caught four nice trout on a white fritz while John managed two and Mary Jnr one. To celebrate her success Mary Snr brought a very nice home baked victoria sponge into the bothy and shared it with all the younger anglers present!

During the week the changeable weather meant that everything from slow moving buzzers to quickly retrieved lures had success.

Albert Trail was back in action; with his mop flies accounting for sixteen while Paul Ingram tempted eleven with his bloodworm and buzzer combination. Colin McDonald stuck with buzzers and fourteen trout agreed with his choice while the Blobby Boys, Doug and Billy had thirty between them.

On occasions when the temperature lifted dries came into their own. C Rattray had nine, Jim Ryce seven and David Wilson five right off the top.

At this time of writing things have got a lot more wintry but the fish are not deep, but they are hungry which is good news for anglers.

H.H 29/10.
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