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Lochter Report - Keep on the Move to Catch Fish
« on: September 17, 2018, 12:21:26 PM »
I well remember the poignant little verse which went ‘There’s a little mouse chewin on the pantry door, he’s been chewin for a month or more, when he gets in he’s sure gonna be sure, there ain’t a darned thing in there’!

That little lesson can equally be applied to anglers who stand on the same spot for hours catching nothing when a move of just a hundred yards could have brought results.

At this time of year when trout are taking daddies and other flies off the surface a good tactic is to move around and target rising fish.

At Lochter Fishery, visitor Terry Farrel did just that and had an excellent day rising dozens of fish and landing thirteen black hoppers and yellow owl CDC’s were the favoured flies and also keeping it dry was M. Goldie who kept one and returned eight using CDC emergers. Pete Green used his smoker floaters when it clouded over and chamois bloodworms when the sun came out and the fish dropped in the water. He was rewarded with a total of fourteen nice fish for his efforts.

Cormorants continue to do well with Charlie McDonald scoring eight and K.Bruce nine using them.

There have been some nice fish coming to the net over the past week. Graham Duthie, B.Whyte & Billy Ferries all landing fish of 6lb plus while Paul Ingram, N. Webster, Bill Wood and Sandy Brown all had 5lb+ specimens.

As the weather becomes more Autumnal the trout will start feeding up for Winter and some of the more wiley big resident fish will be tempted, which is good news for anglers.
HH 17/9/18


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