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Lochter Report – Children Adding New Skills
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:28:08 AM »
With the schools opening this week for a new term there has been a surge of youngsters at Lochter Fishery all anxious to try out fishing - mums and dads, granddads and grandmas have been called into action as ghillies providing help and guidance to their young charges. This ranges from how to cast a fly right through to how to put a blackbirds fancy or worm on a hook. Much excitement has been in evidence round the ‘any methods’ pond when a fish is hooked, brought to the net and the priest produced. Fish is acknowledged brain food so there should be plenty of very bright children returning for a new term having enjoyed tucking into a tasty rainbow trout or two during the holidays.

Among the adult anglers, the Blobby Boys were at it again with a fantastic score of thirty-five between them mainly from the Muckle Troot loch. Nine, nine and nine were the scores of Albert Trail, M Roy and C McDonald using a mix of bloodworms and lures. J Rhind also grassed nine and Greg Moore eight, one using lures and the other hoppers and dries, demonstrating the wide variety of successful flies and methods.

There is still quite a bit of algae but as the water temperature continues to fall it is slowly clearing which is good news for fishers.

HH 20/08/19


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