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Lochter Report – Highland Fun and Games At Lochter
« on: June 25, 2018, 14:49:30 PM »

The Highland Games season is fully under way and the fantastic spell of weather continues. Although the local Meldrum Sports was unlucky weather-wise with a damp afternoon. It did not at all dampen the enthusiasm of the participants in the various sports. You could not fail to admire the verve and vigour of the young highland dancers right through to the caber tossing, hammer throwing heavies.

It is a strange old world but where most sports enjoy the sun, anglers are heard to mutter ‘far too bright’ or ‘it’s a day for catching butterflies, nae troots’. In spite of the often ‘too bright’ conditions anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have been having a fine time catching plenty of fish.

Davy Wood was at it again catching and releasing sixteen on a WSW – What else! Pete The Feet did even better with twenty-four using that old favourite the Kate McLaren and a carrot fly. G McKay made sure his journey up from Brechin was justified, recording a great score of twenty-five using various flies while G Cheetham trusted that his damsel nymphs would attract the trout and ended up with twenty.

The evening sessions have been doing well with more trout on the surface as the sun got lower in the sky. Dave McKay from Kintore had a great evening, his shuttlecock buzzers and cadis flies tempting sixteen, plus dozens of expressions of interest as trout swirled at this dries. Fred McAley also had an enjoyable evening with nine to the net using CDC Buzzers. The forecast for this week is sunshine all the way so anglers will have to go down a bit to find the fish. Provided they do, there are plenty to be caught.

HH 25/06/18


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