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Lochter Report - Too Hot To Handle
« on: June 11, 2018, 15:17:14 PM »
What an amazing spell of weather we have been enjoying. Day after day of sunshine, the like of which has not been seen for years. Some say it’s just like the old days dookin’ in the Don and lazing on the lawn.

Of course you “canna please a’body”, lawns are getting scorched, the watering can and hose have been working overtime and you canna get to sleep for the heat – even though the winter duvet is off and the summer one, a mere 4’5 tog, is on!

Anglers too have not been best pleased, the rivers are down to their bones and the water temperatures are so high in the lochs and ponds that the fish are going off the take for long spells.

Anglers at Lochter Fishery have had to adapt to the conditions and those who have, have done well. The trick has been to get down, during the day, to the cooler water while in the evenings as the temperatures dropped the fish came up in the water.

Those two “auld heids” Doug and Bill, the Blobby Boys, knew exactly what to do and had thirty-four between them, using blobs and buzzers. The two Mckays also scored well with twenty-four mainly on mini-lures fished deep. Buzzers worked well for Sandy Scobie and Pete Green who had eleven and twelve respectively. Of the evening fishers, Paul Ingram had nine on klinkhammers and sedges and Bill Murray eight on grey wolves.

At the time of writing, things have cooled off with the temperature at around twelve degrees. There is also a nice cooling breeze, which will help reduce the temperatures in the top layers. This is good news for anglers.

H.H 11/6/18


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