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Lochter Report - Buzzers For 'Bows
« on: May 28, 2018, 15:09:27 PM »
The musical strain of a haunting refrain echoed over the lochs at Lochter Fishery as one happy angler regaled his fellows with what sounded like the song “Buttons and Bows” made famous by Bob Hope in the film Paleface. Those with a discerning ear noted the variation in the lyrics being sung as “Buzzers for Bows” as he pulled in fish after fish on a three-buzzer set up. The singing angler has asked not to be identified but suffice to say that one of his buzzers was Dennis the Menace and he ended up with sixteen for his day.

Other buzzer exponents getting into double figures during the week included Jim Adam from Friockheim, Pete Green, Karen Gilies, Jim Symons, Euan Webster and Steve Thom.

It was not all buzzer time; lures had their success as well. Robert Webber from Dyce caught and released ten on a W.S.W and Roy Wilson down from Shetland tempted fourteen with the same fly. M. Gauld used a mix of yellow dancers and cats whiskers to account for eighteen and Harry Hughes used a home tied humungus to tempt twelve.

Evening sessions are particularly enjoyable and productive just now with dry flies working well to the legions of rising fish and the fishery is offering a special £10 ticket to post 5pm anglers.

Prospects are excellent right now with plenty of fly life to keep the trout active on or near the surface.

28/05 H.H


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