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Lochter Report - Sunshine & Shades at Lochter
« on: May 22, 2018, 14:31:41 PM »

Down Lochter way last week there was a welcome spell of dry weather with frequent appearances of the sun. Now bright sunshine is not usually a favourite of fly fisherman but after the prolonged wet winter into spring that was endured then nobody had the heart to berate the sunís appearance and sunglasses were the order of the day.

Tactics wise it appeared that buzzers, particularly small black ones or small black emergers were very much on the troutís food list. The Blobby Boys Ė Dougie and Billy had a great Saturday session and were both in double figures using buzzers and blobs and Billy landed a lovely 9lb trout to round off his day. Pete Green from Huntly, on his two outings had 27 and 14 fish mostly on the smokers, shipmans and buzzers. Sean McCaffrey and Alec Harvey on an outing together both had 19 fish mostly on the sunburst fab. Peter Young on his two outings had 13 and 11 fish respectively on a mixture of CDC, diawl bachs and buzzers. Other buzzer users were Paul Ingram with 12 fish, Steve Sinclair with 11 fish, Greg Littler and Rob Niddrie both had 9 fish and Albert Trail had 8 fish his best being a lovely 8 lb specimen which was returned to fight another day. All in all with the bright conditions there was still some excellent sport to be had and those who came out for an evening session were rewarded with some terrific rises to dry flies and CDCís in particular.

Hereís hoping that this continues into the weeks ahead and if you fancy an evening session we are now open till dusk descends to spoil the fun.

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SP 22/05/18


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