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Lochter Report - Conditions Spot On at Lochter
« on: April 23, 2018, 14:04:14 PM »
Too hot, too cold, too bright, too dull, too windy, not windy enough, are just a few of the excuses trotted out by anglers after a not too successful day on the water.

Anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have not had to use any of the aforementioned excuses during the past week, as the fishing has been top of the league! And as a bonus, virtually all methods have been working. Anglers pulling lures were rewarded, as were those who prefer the more sedate twiddling technique using buzzers and small nymphs.

Steve Prince twiddled ten and Peter Young fourteen at the start of the week. Then Pete Green had a phenomenal day with thirty-nine, all on damsels. As the week hotted up so did the scores. Brian Ross chipped in with sixteen on buzzers. Alec Harvey twenty-one on buzzers and dries only to be pipped by Rhys West who had his “best days finishing yet” with twenty-nine, mainly on buzzers. There was bag after bag into double figures including Sandy Scobie with twelve, S. Murdoch thirteen, Bill Wood eleven, M. Wallace eleven on hares ears, D. Gray twelve, G. Cheetham ten, J. Rose thirteen and Davy Wood, back home from the rigs, with twenty-two pulling the ever popular and ever effective WSW.

Most of the fish are carefully returned to the water non-the worse for their experience, but perhaps a little wiser.

At the time of writing, there are swallows and martins swooping over the lochs, scooping up flies and plenty of trout rising for the same purpose. It looks and feels more like spring at last.

H.H 23/4/18.


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