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Lochter Report Ospreys Back at Lochter!
« on: 16/04/2018 at 14:22 »
Anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have had the bonus of meeting up with Branson and Libby the two regular Summer Residents back from their winter break in The Gambia.

Nest refurbishment is well underway by the pair and hopefully their arrival will herald the arrival of spring and with it egg laying and chick rearing. In addition to the ospreys sharp eyed anglers have spotted the kingfisher performing its high speed minnow catching right in front of the bothy while round the shores of the lochs are numerous mallard nests with the ducks sitting tight as fisherman stroll past.

In between pauses to admire Mother Nature anglers have been having a very successful time among the trout. The Blobby boys Billy and Dougie used a mix of blobs and buzzers to net over twenty while Albert Trail had twenty all to diawl bachs.

Fishing depth was important as the sun came and went; with the bright spells requiring the anglers to go much deeper to find the fish. Laurence Connon caught and released fourteen on buzzers, Graham Duthie sixteen using a mix of small lures and buzzers and Paul Ingram twelve using okey dokeys and buzzers.

There is plenty of natural food available for the fish as is very apparent. At the time of writing the lochs are pock-marked with rises from eager trout and the evening sessions, which are now available for anglers, should prove very productive.

HH 16/04/18