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Lochter Report – Crisp and Clear at Lochter
« on: February 27, 2018, 10:52:50 AM »
Down Lochter way last week it was mostly a case of crisp and clear as far as the weather went. Fortunately most of the ponds were free of ice, which left plenty of space for those who like to cast and move. The only downside was the persistent easterly wind, which heralded the fish to go deeper in the water, and seemingly sulk.

Unfortunately due to the ‘Beast from the East’ Siberian weather predicted for the week ahead we have postponed the Spring Singles Competition for this Sunday. The good news is that it has been rearranged for the predicted balmy weather day of Sunday the 8th of April. There could also be the added bonus that it will be held under the stern gaze of our returning ospreys who usually put in an appearance by then.

On the fishing front there was a vast swathe of keen fishermen eager to do battle with our now over wintered fish. Ewen Wright from Inverurie on his first outing of the year, wrote in the book that he was ‘well chuffed’ as he caught 11 fish for his session using a team of cormorants then okay dokay’s, one of his fish being a lovely 8 lber, returned to fight again.

Simon Ruddiman from Aberdeen had two outings during the week when he got 10 fish then 6 fish all on the ubiquitous WSW. Peter Young fished slow and deep with a hares ear and buzzer combination and his dogged persistence was rewarded with 9 fish and D Lawrie had the same result but this time on the yellow dancer. Bil Gibb used the classic buzzer and bloodworm combination to good effect bringing 8 fish to the net. J Gilmour also had success with the bloodworm getting 7 fish and Neil Summers had 6 fish on a variety of lures. Steve Frost, Rod Palmer and Albert Trail all had 5 fish on WSW, buzzers and diawl bachs respectively.

If all is to be believed from the media it will very much be the case of battening down the hatches against the evil onslaught of snow. Some poor media presenter, having drawn the short straw, will be thrust out into the elements against their will to pontificate inanely about what to us is winter normality, usually against as backdrop of black roads and green grass.

This topic came up for discussion in the Bothy last week and one of our more mature customers was heard to say. ‘ Loon, in my day if ye hid plenty oatmeal and whisky in the hoose nithin could go wrong – and if it did ye didnae care’.

Sláinte and tight lines.
SP 27/02/18


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