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Rob Brownfield

Guides, guides and more guides
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:45:54 PM »
So, when I built my 4 weight Czech Nymph rod I used tiny Fuji SiC lined guides, and they work perfectly for ling leader/Czech nymphing. No detriment to the blank at all.

Just built my 2 weight up using PacBay minima guides (the wire guides I originally were going to use were terrible!) with the knowledge that the Minimas are meant to be 30% lighter...aye right. Turned a nice blank into a floopy noodle of a thing.

So, in the process of removing all the guides and going back to snakes, but the Snake Brand ones. Expensive, but ooooh so nice.

I considered REC titanium, but since this is a grayling rod and I had read many times that REC's break in cold conditions, I played safe.
Ok, I admit it, I quite like this salmon fishing lark....

Derek Roxborough

Re: Guides, guides and more guides
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2018, 20:38:16 PM »
just started my 5wt got the handle set, so tomorrow I'll start the whipping,I meant to start it earlier but health got in the way both me and the missus, so I've got the time and the Inclination, I am using stainless snakes and a hayfork tip, I used thoseTitanium guides on a travel rod I made for a mate they have been fine, but it made a difference to the costs, got the blanks from HiLevel, I had all the rest to hand , even the ready built handle I got in a bunch from McHardys they were about  1 each in the sale, so I stocked up, it keeps me out of mischief, Derek Roxborough 


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