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Lochter Report - Fortitude to the Fore at Lochter
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:35:04 PM »
For most of the week down Lochter way, the weather was far from ideal and certainly not conducive to keeping your outer extremities at any level of cosiness.

A hardy strain of angler was called for, one who looks skywards and scoffs at what mother nature can throw at them with a fortitude borne with stoical indifference.

Luckily in the North-East we have a whole battalion of such determined anglers not put off by the vagaries of the weather.

Peter Young got the week off to a good start getting 15 fish, across at the Muckle Troot on buzzers and lures.

Graham Duthie used a variety of lures to account for 14 fish his best are being 8lb in weight.

Jim Taylor from Newmachar skilfully used a team of cormorants to land 8 fish for his 4 hour session, his best being a 6lb fish.

Seven seemed to be the lucky number of the week as Mike Pirie had this number of fish using a black and red snatcher, Peter Wilson likewise on the catís whisker, Neil Scowen using the white fritz and Rod Palmer on the buzzer and bug.

Paul Milne from Aberdeen had a good first outing of the season landing 6 fish on a green stalking bug and Albert Trail also had 6 fish on a similar bug.

Our next competition is going to be the Spring Singles, which will be held on Sunday 4th March with a 9.30am start. There will be plenty of prizes to be won and the entry fee will be £20 which includes a tasty lunch.

It is a popular event, so to secure your entry contact the fishing both on 01651 872787.

Tight Lines, SP 7/2/18


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