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Down Lochter way this week we have been getting ready for the Rabbie Burns Pairs Competition this Sunday. As usual we are now fully subscribed for this popular event which is the first competition in the stillwater season and barring the weather being frostily unkind then it should prove a true test of Winter technique and tactics to tempt our overwintered and ‘seen it all’ cynical trout.
When the heat of battle is completed our competitors can then relax and enjoy a hearty portion of haggis, neeps and tatties for lunch, rumour has it that the ‘Bard of Kemnay’ Lochter’s very own Howard Hughes may put in an appearance to address the haggis in his own inimitable style. That in itself will be worth turning up for.

The prize giving ceremony will then follow where the generous bounty of prizes will be handed over to the deserved recipients.

On the fishing front, conditions were best prior to the weekend when the hard frost scuppered any meaningful attempts to cast a fly.

None the less, there were some very encouraging returns by those who bravely venture out.

Both Brian Ross and Pete Green had 20+ fish- Brian using buzzers and black bugs and Pete by using the B.E.P.

As I looked at the returns book I thought - What’s a B.E.P? and tortured myself with variations of vocabulary to try and come up with the answer.
I was defeated so try it yourself!

I then thought that I couldn’t leave the great North East fishing fraternity left in the lurch for another week while the identity of such an effective fly remained undisclosed.

I then made extensive enquiries - well, I just phoned Pete who revealed that the fly is a Black Eyed - Pea which is a small bug type lure with a green bead and body and short white tail- not unlike a bungee buzzer. Mystery Solved!

Other notable returns were Paul Ingram with 9 fish on cormorants and hares ear, Karen Gillies with 8 fish on the black eyed pea, Sandy Stewart from Newmachar consistently fished the yellow dancer and got 8 fish for his efforts. Bill Wood used the blob and snake lure to net 7 fish with Albert Trail getting 6 fish on a variety of lures and Ian Stewart from Aberdeen used the buzzer/bloodworm combination to land 7 fish for his session.

With Burns Nights soon upon us I find it reassuring that even in the Bard’s day the Winter weather obviously affected him to write “The Wintry west extends his blast and hail and rain does blaw or the stormy north sends driving forth the blinding sleet or snow while tumbling brown the burn comes down and roars frae bank to brae and birds and beast in covert rest and pass the heartless day”.

Tight Lines, SP 23/1/18


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