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Lochter Report – Vagaries of the Weather
« on: December 12, 2017, 13:16:30 PM »
Down Lochter way last week it was very much the case that the vagaries of the weather decided when it was wise to go for a spot of fishing fun and forget about such seasonal nonsense such as finding the perfect Christmas present and trolley scrums at Tesco. It is hard now to believe but there were some fine fishing conditions at the beginning of the week before the gales blew in and led to ensuing blizzards.

Suffice to say there were plenty who took advantage of this window of opportunity and the catch record shows they were well rewarded. Pete green from Huntly fished a single bloodworm at a depth of about 2 ft and had 20 + fish to the net. Peter Young fished the Muckle Troot on a day session and landed 10 fish on lures and buzzers and also with 10 fish was Lewis Greenlees who solely fished the cat’s whisker very effectively.

Looking through the returns book: - Nicky Farqhar had 9 fish on buzzers. Sandy Murdoch used the black tadpole to bring 8 fish to the net. A Brown had 8 fish on the nomad, Albert Trail used the bungee buzzer to get 6 fish, Steve Prince had 5 fish on the pink snake and Ronnie Ewen was rewarded with 5 fish.

A special mention to Ryan Reid from Ellon who gamely came out in a day of howling gales but he quickly found the only bit of the Fishery that afforded shelter, which was beside the intake pipe at the roadside and he happily fished bloodworms and buzzers and had 6 nice fish to the net.

At the time of writing we are well and truly frozen with only the channels near the pipes open. We can only hope that a thaw is on the way so that some piscatorial distraction can be had in this joyful season of retail grind.

Humbug and Tight Lines.
SP 12/12/17


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