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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery
« on: October 17, 2006, 01:27:08 AM »
Hi folks
Plenty of surface activity at Haddo again this week, but small black lures, damsels and mini cats have also proved very productive.

From the boats, Hugh Baxter enjoyed a good session tempting 14 fish up to 15lb, John Sharp had 17 up to 7lb, John Baxter 16 up to 4lb, Bill Davidson 12 up to 5lb, Alan Birnie 14 up to 3lb, Jim Adie 20+ up to 9lb, Colin Murray 18 up to 9lb, George Niblock 13 up to 6lb and Steve Corsar 26 up to 13lb.

In the float tubes, Sandy Nelson netted 19 up to 6lb, Kipps Kerr had 10 including a 7lb blue and Henry Lockhart 26 up to 14lb. Junior float tubers also had lots of fun, Andrew Lockhart netting 15 including a 6½ lb blue and Daniel Nelson catching 7 up to 4lbs on his “maiden voyage”!

Please note that the fishery is fully booked on Friday the 20th and on Sunday 22nd. Please contact me on 07810 868897 for availability of boats at other times.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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