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Lochter Report – Titanic Struggle at Muckle Troot New
« on: October 10, 2017, 11:12:44 AM »
Down Lochter way last week there was some terrific sport to be had as our big fish seemed to be on the feed for anything tasty that was presented in front of them.

Paul Ingram from Newmachar was a case in point. On buying his ticket he enquired with Stuart if there were any new flies that had come in. He was helpfully informed that apart from mops, shammy’s and other car cleaning product whose versatility hadn’t yet been realised we had just got a stock of Titanic bugs in for the winter season. These are a type of weighted stalking bug and aptly would plop into the water and sink fast.

With the optimism for something new, that all fishers have, Paul bought one and headed to the Muckle Troot loch to test its effectiveness in the deeper water it affords. Paul recalled later at the bothy, that although not his maiden cast but 2 or 3 later with the Titanic bug on the point as it descended to the deep, there was a sudden surge and he saw his line heading for the centre of the loch at a great rate of knots. To cut a long story short it is suffice to say that Paul had a real battle on his hands but he eventually managed to get the fish to the net and when weighted on his net scales was found to 12 ½ lb and this leviathan of the water was carefully returned to fight another day.

Again last week, with the weather reasonably mild for the time of year, it was very much a case of trial and error with fly’s ranging from CDC’s , hackled dry’s, nymphs and lures all being effective on certain days.

Peter Green from Huntly had 2 outings during the week and was in double figures for both of them using ptn’s, diawl bachs and a smoker fly and Albert Trail on his two outings had 17 and 10 fish respectively on the mop fly.

Sean McCaffrey skilfully worked a selection of dry fly’s and was rewarded with 17 fish, N Daniel and J Daniel had a good family day out netting 18 and 17 fish each on mops and nomads, John Rose worked a team of buzzers well and got 12 fish as did Dave MacKay with 11.

Looking through the returns book G Milne from Cove had 12 fish on shipmans, CDC’s and a yellow buzzer, James West had 11 fish on a black fritz, Fred McAlley had 10 on a WSW then a fritz. Husband and wife, Keith and Karen. Fraser from Aberdeen had a pleasant days fishing and had 7 fish between them.

Another reminder that the Halloween Pairs Competition takes place on Sunday the 29th of October with a 9.30am start. There will be a plethora of goodies for prizes and the entry fee is £20 per person. Contact Lochter bothy on 01651 872787 to secure your entry.

Tight Lines
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