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Ian Cassells

Hi all. I am a new member here as of tonight and I live in Norway. Does anybody have experience with various types of fly lines which are suitable for the Shakespeare Oracle 11 foot switch #8-9 rod.  Both floating and maybe intermediate. Any experience would be much appreciated.
Thank's in advance,

Mike Barrio

Hi Ian ..... welcome to the forum :z16

A lot of my customers fish the Barrio Switch 8/9 on the Oracle ( floating line ) although many prefer the lighter feel of the Switch 7/8 line on this rod.

Best wishes
Mike   At the heart of your fishing ..... lies a great fly line!

James Laraway

I fish the #8/9 switchline on my 11ft6 rod - its really nice and loads the blank really well. The 8/9 is a 'chunky' line at the backend of the taper - but this makes it nice and powerful.

like mike says it depends on your really - im not a great caster and i like the heavier line as i get a fuller 'rod load'

Steven Sinclair

I agree with the above, I have the same rod and fish the 7/8 line with it.

Could I cast heavier flies and tips with the 8/9? Yes - but for me that's not what I bought the rod for.

Foremost I would think about what flies and tips you would be planning to throw with it. For me I use the rod in Low Water with small tubes, doubles and hitches where I much prefer the subtle landing of the 7/8 line.  If you are planning on using copper tubes and/or heavyish T-Tips then you are probably better off with the 8/9.

The best option of course would be to buy both  :z7



Travis Jones

The best option of course would be to buy both  :z7

This would be the best advice for me.  :z4


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