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Lochter Report - Strictly Dancing at Lochter
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:56:47 PM »

With the new season of Strictly Come Dancing soon to be aired on the gogglebox this week, down Lochter way whether you shimmied, foxtrotted, tango’d or pasa doble’d youself to the water edge there was one dancing partner you had to have with you that would guarantee you a ‘10’ and that was the yellow dancer lure. Now ‘dancer’ lures come in various colours and plumage and some even have a hint of forbidden pleasure, such as the lap dancer, hotty dancer and pole dancer which we keep strictly on the top shelf so as not to offend the innocent.

During the week Paul Ingram used the yellow dancer to good effect over at the Muckle Troot and had 14 fish in the net for his efforts. Other users of the same lure were John Rose with 11 fish and the legendary Bill Bain with 10 fish conversely the snatcher and buzzer combination seeed to do well with the blobby bop- Dougie and Billy getting 26 fish between them on their Saturday session, Jim Walker got lucky with 13 and Raymond Urquhart skillfully landed 9 fish.

Looking through the returns book Nathan Hutcheon had 12 fish on klinkhammer buzzers and humungus, Bill Wood had 10 fish on cat’s whiskers and blobs, Frank Kelly had 9 fish on a block WSW, Willie Oakley had 8 fish on blobs and Callum Curry deftly fished CDC’s and was rewarded with 8 fish.

A reminder that the September Singles Competition will soon be upon us, on Sunday 17th September, with a 9.30am start.

There are lots of very useful prizes to be won so if you want a fun fishing day out, contact Lochter Fishery on 01651 872787 to book your place.

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