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Vivian Fallon

27th August 2017
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On the 27th Haddo held a fund raiser in support of the Scottish Still Water fly fishing team. It was well supported with the maximum number of rods on the water.  This was made possible by Haddo regulars and rods from Raemoir and Stu Crockett. Fishers on the day being:  Roger Dawson; Phil Broadley; Darren Thistleton; Andy Foreman;Willaim Crockett; Neil Davidson; Gary Marshall;Roger Davidson; Scott Burnett , and Neil Scowen.  Amount raised on the day 200, anyone out there wishing to contribute please contact myself at or Stuart on 07495003299, no amount is too small. Fishing was hard on a bright sunny day but winner of the Bottle was Gary Marshall with 12 to the boat, with plenty of 8's 7's and 5's. Gary caught on FAB and Whotsits amongst other flies. The event was good humoured and well attended, including a guest apperance from Stuarts Dad.........after a heart attack last Monday well done to him. Stuart as you were the offical photographer please feel free to add photos to this report or to the HADDO Fishery facebook page. Any other fisheries want to hold fund raisers?


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