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Roy Clark

Thanks for the add
« on: July 31, 2017, 21:09:45 PM »
Just got the rods out & dusted after being in the shed for 15 years.  Had the first cast two weeks ago at Greenwood Loch Activity Park ,Fisherie.  Fishing is for Static Caravan Owners & visiting Caravans & Campers. I was quite rusty after all these years have passed. I lost more than  I landed but enjoyed my week end of  C&R with my son who hadn't fished the fly for a long time either due to ill health. Needless to say he whipped the ass off me but we both really  enjoyed our weekend.  I had never seen a "Bluey" before  never mind caught one. However I soon knew when I had one on.
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Mike Barrio

Re: Thanks for the add
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Welcome to the forum Roy :z16
Best wishes
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