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Lochter Report – Holiday Fun at Lochter
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:05:07 AM »
As we are now in the middle of the holiday season it was great to welcome fishers on vacation from all parts of the Country and it is always interesting to see if the methods they use at home are as effective on ‘foreign waters’.

James Renwick from the Borders had an evening session with us where he did well by netting 8 fish on very small black wet fly’s.

Ken Crofts from the Chalk Streams of Hampshire fished the muckle troot loch with a variety of sedges when conditions were nicely overcast and he was rewarded with 7 fish, and an 8lb beauty, which he was very much delighted with.

John Owens from South Wales might have been expected to be using their famous local ‘diawl bach’ nymph but instead he used a team of 3 size 16 black buzzers with varying cheek colours and he brought 11 fish to the net, one of which was a 3lb brownie, all returned to fight another day.

On the home front for our local regulars it was very much a case of anything goes. The Blobby Boys – Dougie and Billy were in splendid form on Saturday and they used the 3 B’s principle of: Buzzers, Blobs and Bachs for an arm achingly splendid return of 38 fish between them on their all day session. Looking through the returns book Colin McDonald from Aberdeen used buzzers and cormorants to good effect landing 16 fish. Denny MacKay, on one of this many sojourns from Inverness to see us, managed to net 14 fish on buzzers and bloodworms. Steve Prince on his Monday session had 13 fish on black buzzers and dry’s. Peter Young kept to the Muckle Troot and was rewarded with 12 fish all on a variety of lures, which included the WSW, damsel and cat’s whisker. Sandy Murdoch solely used cormorants which got him 11 fish, G Moir had 10 fish on buzzers then the blob, Albert Trail managed 9 on the mop fly and Ron Reid (Jnr) from Ellon obviously having learned everything from his father, managed to land 8 fish all to buzzers.

With what appears to be a settled period of hot weather upon us it may be that early mornings and evening will be the most productive times to cast the fly in the coming week. I’ll keep you posted.

SP 18/07/17


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