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« on: November 30, 2007, 00:28:11 AM »
Apols for the tardy reports, but I've been pretty busy with Clan Nets.

Despite the changeable conditions, a large number of fish are continuing to feed just below the surface when the winds drops.   Seeing rising fish and catching them are completely different.   While some anglers are reporting a lot of interest, the majority are finding that the fish are fixed very much on their food and if the "fly" aint similar.........   When the winds then gets up, the fish jump on to the going down escalator.   The vast majority of fish have been taken sub-surface around between 18 and 24 inches on both floating or intermediates.   The main problem has been determining which fly the fish are prepared to take.   Some days it's olive damsels, while on others it's been nymphs, either a PTN or a Diawl Bach.   Successful lures have included Cats Whisker and Yellow Dancer.   When you get it right, then you get good sport, as proven by J Rennie.   He released over 70 fish during 2 visits, but he came back down to earth on his third successive visit tempting just 5 using the same olive damsel that had previously proved so attractive.   Buzzers are still not working as well as one might expect, but that might change any day.



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