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Lochter Report - Game, Set & Catch at Lochter
« on: July 11, 2017, 15:33:29 PM »
While all eyes seemed glued to the goings on down Wimbledon way with its scorching heat and energetic action, at Lochter, things were a bit cooler and less frantic.

Cooler temperatures and at times overcast skies is made for a ‘perfect match’ so far as mid Summer fishing conditions go and there were plenty of eager anglers out to take ‘advantage’.

Daddy’s and hoppers did consistently well throughout the week and Paul Ingram had 12 fish for his session, one  a lovely 8 lb fish, using a foam daddy and black hoppers, Simon Ruddiman also on daddy’s had 10 fish and reported having some ‘great takes’ and Bill Whyte had a good evening session bringing 10 fish to the net on black hoppers.

Steve Prince on two outings during the week using black spiders and olive crunches had 13 and 11 fish respectively.

The blobby boys, Dougie and Billy only managed a shorter Saturday session but did splendidly well accounting for 30 fish between them using mainly diawl bachs and then blobs.

A ‘big hitter’ who was always at the ‘net’ during his session was Andrew Barrowman who had 28 fish on a mixture of flies ranging from bloodworms to dry’s. Nathan Hutchison from Dyce also had a productive day enticing 17 fish to his stalking bug set up.

Looking through the returns book other notable efforts were Shaun Wilson with 19 fish on damsels and buzzers, Gus Ogilvie with 17 on a range of wet fly’s and Colin McDonald with 14 fish on buzzers

Special mention to Peter Galvin who fished with us during the week while on holiday from Australia. Normally a salt water man he took to the fly and on his last session he skilfully fished a black spider dry fly and was rewarded with 6 fish.

Looking through the Lochter fly boxes:- sporting heroes like Ali McCoist, Henrik Larson & Alec Ferguson are all represented in fly form and I wondered is it not time that Andy Murray was now honoured in a similar way.

Who knows maybe there already is an Andy Murray fly out there? I’ll keep you posted if I find out. Tight Lines, SP.


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