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Lochter Report – Daddy’s Tempt Big Lochter Trout
« on: July 04, 2017, 10:09:34 AM »
There was some great top of the water sport to be had down Lochter way last week with the added bonus being that many of the trout caught were in the 3 lb to 6 lb category as well as a few specimens in double figures being caught and returned.

When overhead conditions were right the most effective fly was found to be the daddy, allowed to float along the ripple with some explosive takes and runs, to set the heart racing.

Albert Trail from Aberdeen and Rab Devlin on holiday from Ayrshire were two exponents of this technique and both netted 14 fish for their session with Rab delighted in catching one of our double figure fish, which was returned to flight another day. Other ‘daddy’ users were Mike Copeland from Newmachar and David Ross who netted 10 fish and 8 fish respectively using this method.

A look through the returns book showed that our effective dry’s were the black hopper, green emerger, black spider and particularly in the evenings the white moth.

When the sun was shining high in the sky many fishers sought their prey deeper in the water.  Among these exponents were the blobby boys – Dougie and Billy who, on their usual Saturday session, managed to catch 39 fish between them, this time on diawl bachs, buzzers, PTN’s and wait for it – the ubiquitous blob! In the bright conditions the stand out lure particularly effective at the Muckle Trout loch was the cats whisker: Gordon Bremner from Turriff netter 9 fish and Willie McLean landed 8 fish. Davy Wood from Aberdeen stuck to his trusted WSW lure and was rewarded for his loyalty with 8 fish for his session.

With reasonably warm settle weather forecast for the week ahead, it should ensure some top class surface sport.

Tight Lines.

SP 4/7/17


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