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Vivian Fallon

Haddo 3rd July
« on: July 03, 2017, 21:33:03 PM »
The Haddo solstice fish off was won by Daz Howie, with a well deserved second place to Darren Thistleton, Andy Forman coming in third. Prize giving date TBC. Since then its been a week of those who caught fish and those that did'nt, Andrew Lindsay put in a good show twice with squirmy wormies , Mike Stewart a stunning 17 in fours hours fishing more classic flies , his catch included a rather nice 8lb blue.It was good to see regulars such as Darren Thistleton , Daz Howie and Steve Riddell as well as the Wallace brothers. Long distance visitors from Inverness and Birmingham had enjoyable and productive days. There were a few people who unfortunatly blanked or practiced long distance catch and release, they shall not be named here to save blushes. I myself spent a pleasant couple of hours behind the bottom island catching 4 brownies , and rainbow and a blue on a blue bumble and a hares ear nymph. Looking through the bottom of the work boat revealed alot of cased caddis.


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